Home Sweet Home
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Barbara Baudissard, CEO of RGB Group, is first an educator, then an entrepreneur and finally a manager in real estate.
"The attitude with which I handle this new adventure is the same that inspires my Premium Planner self, who works for the largest multinationals in the world.
RGB Group was founded in Leghorn in 2009, and its name is the acronym of the three people who are in my family. It’s a continuously expanding company.
"The story of my family is made of wonderful memories linked to my grandparent’s house. It’s a house that my grandfather built with his own hands, and that over the years has represented a safe haven for me. A place where I could take refuge during my father’s and my family’s countless relocations. Home sweet home… brick sweet brick… a never-ending love that is now my evolving real estate company. RGB Group was born out of the same wish my grandparents had when they built their house: to give peace and tranquillity, sweet holidays, and meaningful life moments. The properties managed by RGB Group are located in places that remind me of various stages of my life, and they are carefully selected to offer unforgettable experiences."



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